Tutting Tuesday!

This week, I took a Tutting private from MK Tut from Vietnam. He’s super dope! Gave me some new insights on tutting and how to open my mind on tutting. So this gave me an idea to write a blog post about tutting this week. Also, I’m gonna try and write a post each week. Those of you who signed up to be part of the mailing list will get an email when I make a new post. But this will most likely not be each week though. Maybe once or once a month.

This week, I want to feature some of my favorites tutters from around the globe. Tutting was for me about making 90 degree angles with your hands and putting them in different ways that match with the music. But after taking a private from MK, tutting is so much more. My mind is open! After reading through this article, I hope you feel as inspired as I am. I also hope that you discover some new favorite dancers to follow as well. You can click on their names and it will take you directly to their instagrams.


This man is one of the dopest tutter’s in vietnam. I love the way he mixes animation, waving, and popping techniques in his tutting.


I didn’t know who he was until MK shared him on his page. This man knows so many popping styles and I love how he layers them together with tuts.


He makes high level tuts look so crazy with the about of control and speed he puts in his movements. Just watch, it’s nuts!

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His use of unconventional way of tutting is mind blowing! The battle between him and Tutat! Crazy high level! Wow.


He was my first ever featured artist on the site. So I had to include him on this list. The man should rename himself CrazyJ. Cause he’s crazy high level!


Another vietnamese kat that’s crazy dope! He’s blowing up in the gloving scene worldwide! Amazing!


She still inspire me so much with every single post! Amazing tutter!


This man right here has free tutting tutorials on his instagram page. Super helpful for when I was first starting to learn how to tut!

So after checking out all these amazing tutters, I hope your mind is open and know that tutting isn’t just about 90 degrees. It’s about shapes, the patterns, the textures. It’s a whole body thing not just your arms. These are just some tutters that I get inspiration from. I’m sure there are many that I didn’t list. So what are some of your favorite tutters? Leave them in the comments below! And if you enjoy this type of content, please consider joining my newsletter.

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4 thoughts on “Tutting Tuesday!

  1. Jeezze these video are amazing!

    1. I know right! It’s bananas!

  2. Very inspiring sir! Thank you for this!

    1. I appreciate you for checking this out!

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