The best equipment to record your lab sessions at a low cost

If you want to train and be the best dancer you can be, one of the most important things you can do for yourself is to train and record your rounds. Recording yourself is the best way to tell yourself what you need to work on. This is especially great for the dancer who prefer to dance alone. Although you should get out there and find a session to improve your confidence. So here is a list of equipment and apps I use to record myself dancing. Get ready because all your frustrations on recording yourself are over!


The best app for recording yourself while playing music has got to be.


The lite version should be good enough. But the pro doesn’t have any ads and you can use your phone camera to it’s fullest potential. Allowing you to use features that are similar to owning a DSLR camera. And yes, you can play music and record at the same time!

Google Photos

Google photos is the best way to store your videos into the cloud and still have room on your phone. There is a setting on there where if you are ok with your videos being compressed, it won’t limit the amount of storage. So feel free to record to your hearts content. This is a absolute must at jams! Which you can check out here:

Battle calendar


Hohem 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

It’s $89, but it completely takes out any shaky handheld camera movements while you are holding your phone. Your dance video will look like a movie.

UGREEN Cell Phone Stand

If you just need something to keep your phone up, this $8 option is the best you can buy. It goes on the ground perfect for when you just need it to not move around. Only downside is you can’t make this eye level. It will always be looking up at you.

Or you can use this one. A little more expensive, but you get more height.


You can use these lights here. Really cheap but will do the trick!

That’s about it. This is what I use to train. Hopefully it can help you out! Speaking of helping out, if you can share this site out on your social media, that would help me out a bunch! Happy training!

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Photo by Drew Graham on Unsplash

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