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Hey homies, I want to make a Halloween design. But I have no idea what to draw. What halloween thing should I draw that's also dance related?

Joohyun Lee Scarecrow

Jacob XM Zombies from thriller

Michael Gobert Skeleton doing the puppet

Harley Parkinson draw michael myers as a popper but instead of holding a knife he’s holding like a boom box or something dance related

Eoin Seamus Kelly Frankenstein

Michael Ortiz Draw a cypher with Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers & Jason popping with a bomb box in the side

James Jimenez Mutation style – storyboard P.But that’s if you want to start expanding into other dance styles!

Einn Deighton Gibson Scarecrow

Karen Quiróz Zombie scarecrow

Tu Pham Bunny rabbit doing tutting

Maïa Hunter Scarecrow is a dance

Leo E Glowing skeletons

Amine Poplocker DRAW MEEEEE! ME ME ME

Amine Poplocker S demon

Sheldon Shellshock Baker Alien shit

Philippe Vdm Demonic possessions?

Cassidee Shades Skeleton doing bone breaking

Jackson Huynh A few/ all the claymation monsters hanging out!( Ray Harryhausen’s creatures… skeletons, Cyclops, Medusa, etc )

What up homies, when I asked what I should draw, the idea with the most numbers was Scarecrow style, so that is exactly what I did. This was especially fun because Scarecrow style is one of my favorites for sure! The following are my process videos for you to enjoy, a comparison between the sketch and finished product, and my inspiration for the style. I will probably do more of these moving forward.

Short Process Video

Long Process Video

Before and After

Scarecrow style has always been one of my favorite styles to do. My first introduction to it was from Jrock and his scarecrow style tutorial where he talked about learning it from his teacher Skeeter Rabbit from the Electric Boogaloos. You can actually find that tutorial on youtube which I will post here:

Scarecrow and Puppet styles were probably two of the styles I had first learned in my earlier days of learning popping. Jrock is a huge source of inspiration for me. He also has a massive library of popping tutorials that you can buy either all at once or once video at a time which you can find here:

I highly recommend you check them out. Now I want to hear from you again. Answer these questions in the comments below. Or you can just leave a comment letting me know what you think.

What do you think about blog post like these where I show you my process and let you know who my inspirations are?

What style of dance would you like me to draw next?

Do you do scarecrow style?

Who are your inspirations for scarecrow style?

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