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With the recent jam events canceling and covid 19 getting more and more dangerous, dancers all around the world are wise to stay at home and exercise social distancing. With that being said, a rise in online dance battles are a response to these times. It’s much more common now to see an online battle happen on instagram or facebook. Many battles are happening all at the same time while seeing competitors participate from all around the world. This article will list the online battles that have or haven’t happened yet. This will keep you informed and spark your motivation to #staybattleready?.

Digital Dance Arena

If you don’t already know, we are hosting our own dance battle here! Koi Roi Designs partnered up with @sirlimitless to bring to you Digital Dance Arena v.1. This will not be our only one. We will have more! So keep this site bookmarked or join our newsletter to say informed.

Highlight the Style waving

Hosted by Jaja and Marie Poppins, Highlight the Style has been a stable in the street dance jams to go to! Their always hype. This will be their first ever online battle through zoom live! So it would be like a real battle. The price is $5, you have to email them. Check out the full details here:

Gsonline Battle

Hosted by ghetto style crew, also the creators of fusion concept jam one of the biggest jams in the world. Gsonline just had a popping battle judged by Nelson, Hoan, and Boogaloo Kite. Yes that’s are some huge names! @kriss_boogie was the winner of that battle. But they are now doing an 100% Ladies Freestyle battle. So ladies of street dance, it’s your time to shine on an international scale.

Bseries Hiphop

B Series was a jam that happened each year out of Columbia College in chicago USA. Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, they had to convert their battle into an online battle. This battle has some huge time judges as well. Popping category judges Pandora Marie, Popula, and Poppin Chuck. But what sets this battle apart are the multiple categories, open styles, breaking, Youth, and CC students. This battle already started, but it’s fun to keep track of who wins or if they have another online battle in the future, why not check them out.

Pop Your Class Peru

A online popping battle base out in Peru. Right now they are in their semi finals. I think what I like about this battle is the music selection. DJ Yuri from Peru is a monster! His tracks are on fire! Some of the judges only speak in spanish, but some speak in english. The thing about dance though is its a universal language!

dd online battle

This one looks like a live zoom battle. $5 to enter via Venmo/Cashapp/paypal. They will have an MC and judges. Looks like this will happen in real time. Very interesting.

Rona Warz

This looks like a dope exhibition battle hosted by @cjrey17 from LA. Something hype to check out.

Battle of Zen

Looks like a popping, experimental, and hip hop battle. Not much information about it right now. But check it out. This is a battle you can be a part of that’s not underway yet.

Nxg Dance Crew

We are starting back up with the month of April for VIBE Night (Online).

Represent Your Style
1.) Upload a 45 second freestyle to the Facebook Group:

2.) Top 8 will be announced on Wednesday (4.22.20)

All entries will be judged by:
DNA (San Antonio)
RIFT (Dallas)
To be announced (Austin)

Winners Receive:
Monthly Champion Title of April 2020 and a spot in the Tournament of Power.

Final thoughts

I think it’s amazing how in the face of a worldwide pandemic, we as a society still find ways to connect and share energy. We live in a world that is connected by screens now. That’s just the fact of life. I’m not sure if or when this pandemic passes if life will be the same. But what I do know is we will find creative innovative ways to stay connected. Stay Battle Ready! I will update this page when I find out about more online battles. Oh and if you like content like this, please consider joining the newsletter using the form below! I will email you helpful articles and resources like this geared towards the dance community.

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Photo by Marius Masalar on Unsplash

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