My Stands on Black Live Matter

I know this is a topic that has been discussed and widely debated among the group of people I know. I want to make one thing very clear. I support the black lives matter movement! The fact of the matter is, the black community has been suffering through this for hundreds of years. I honestly didn’t see the severity of how much they have been treated until recently. And I can’t say I’m sorry enough to make up for all the years lost why you all have suffered. But here are some of the things I am doing to play my part in helping:

  1. I’ve made the we stand together design in the shop where the profits of the shirt sells will be donated to I’m actually going to make my first donation at the first of the month. We’ve made about $150 in profit for each and in total sold 22 shirts all in 1 month! Those numbers might seem small to you, but to me that’s huge! I normally make 2-8 shirt sells each month.
  2. I am encouraging my following and my network to support black owned businesses. Check out this directory of black owned business and see who you can support in your own state.
  3. I’ve been watching and learning about how to be an ally (guest) to my black community homies. Although I am 25% black myself, I don’t look it. So I never had to grow up with those racial discrimination towards me. Although I am asian and do deal with some, but not nearly as much. Here are someone you can follow to educate yourself. Soul, one of the worlds dopest dancers, he’s been throwing out all the knowledge on how you can help or how you can have a better understanding of being an ally.


So yeah, that’s where I’m at. I’ve been in this culture for over 6 years now. Doing what I can to contribute, to help, to spread, and preserve the culture. We as a society need to do more to help our black community homies. I will continue to learn and have those tough conversations with myself to make sure I’m in check. And I encourage all of you to do the same as well. The people that made the culture we all love and enjoy so much each day all over the world needs us more than ever. Do your part.

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