Koi Roi Design just had a makeover!

Did you say a makeover? Say what? Yes, it’s been on my mind for a long time that the website and the brand could use a makeover. I really don’t know where to start but I figure we can start with the logo.


When I looked at the older logo, it actually wasn’t meant to be a logo at all. It was one of my first designs with the name and it was supposed to be on a shirt. You could say it was the first ever Koi Roi Designs tshirt design. I’ve always been attracted to outer space. Space, the universes, all of it fascinates me. It gave me the thought of being part of something bigger. The mystery of it all. So I started drawing animals in space helmets. Here is an example of one of the animals in space helmets.

Space, I love watching documentaries on black holes, mars, the rovers, an animal in space is just something super unusual. Anyone, the old logo was a part of this series. And since the beginning I never had a chance to actually make one proper. 

Old Logo
New Logo

So yeah, the new logo is now simplified. I have it in 1 color instead of multiple. Still rocking the space theme. But this way, I can put the new logo on any colored background and now have to worry if the colors will match up or not. I’m also rocking the name King Koi, so the Roi Roi Design above the head of the fish makes it look like he’s wearing a crown, which I love! Not much else to say about the logo other than it’s clearer and more simple. let’s move onto the site. 



So i’ve been meaning to change up the website for a long time now. The original was just something I put together to get a site up and fast. I didn’t really put too much thought into it and often times it seemed too complicated. So in the spirit of simplicity, I decided to make it simple. I designed this mock up in Adobe Experience Designer.

First Design, I think it's a little too busy
This is the final design, much clearner, I love the video.

I think before, there were just a bunch of shirts everywhere, I didn’t think that looked good, but it worked for the time being. How when you click Shop here, you see all the shirts and there is a filter where you can pick what you wanted to see. It’s much more easier to manage too because now I no longer have to make a new shirt post on the site after I publish a new design. It all works nicely automatically in the background. 

So if it’s easier for me, it has to be easier for you too! But yeah, I’ll end this blog post here. I hope you enjoyed a look into my brain and what I was thinking when I post all this together. Much love everyone! Thanks again for your continued support! 


King Koi

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