I am going to LA!!!!

While at work, I get an email from the Central Indiana Community Foundation, the CICF that the artist ambassador grant is available to apply for. Then I get a separate email from someone I worked for about how I should apply for the grant. Then I get a fb messenger dm from a friend of mine who works there. The universe was telling me to apply and so I did not thinking I would get the grant. Mostly because I had applied before and never got it. But why not, it doesn’t cost me anything to try again.

A few months later, I received another email congratulating me on being the artist ambassador for Indiana. I was skeptical because I usually never win anything. But then the check came into the mail. Still skeptical but I cashed it because I’ve experienced scam attempts before spending me fake checks. But the the check didn’t bounce. That was real money.

Holy crap, so that really means I can go to LA? Holy crap, I can meet Bopn Andre, Tabo, Flattop, Jsmooth, Slim boogie, the homie Sprite, the homie Marcus, I get to visit the lot! I get to see Robozilla!

I had applied to the grant with the goal of flying to LA to learn from world class dancers and pioneers of the dance of popping! And now I actually get to do this!!!!!!!!!! So long story short, oct. 11th through oct. 17th, I’ll be in LA, learning from the best in the world!

Comes to show you that, you never know your worth until you take a leap of faith and believe in yourself.

Thank you https://www.cicf.org/ for giving me this opportunity! I will blog about my experience this coming month! And keep you all in the loop! Much love!

Koi Roi

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