Fik-shun vs Jrock Call out Battle

Incase you’ve been living under a rock, there’s been some things that are going down in the street dance world. Over the past few months, it seems like there has been one controversy over another. From Greentek getting slapped by one of the Les twins to Tighteyez at Fusion concept battle in france. But it’s been a couple of months since something big like that has happened again.

But on February 20th, a well known dancer by the name of Fik-shun decided to enter an animation battle judged by the one and only Flattop, one of the pioneers, an OG of Animation style dance. Fik-shun didn’t understand why he didn’t make it past prelims and decided to ask Flattop what he could improve on.

You see this is where the information isn’t complete. Somehow Fik-shun called out Flattop, or maybe it’s the other way around? The homie Robert Muraine (Mr. Fantastic) did an amazing job explaining the whole situation.

So the thought of Fik-shun calling out Flattop put the street dance internet on fire. Fik-shun started getting harsh messages from well known dancers all over the world. One dancer in particular goes by the name of Jrock, a really well known dancer in the popping scene.

I’m not sure who called who out, but long story short, They battling!

March 6th, call out battle 5 rounds.

There’s been an update to the story!

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HTS Animation PRESELECTION is up on YouTube Now!! (Link in my bio!) & b4 some of yaw get ignorant & pop off about how “this is not animation” GO WATCH THE PRESELECTION!! This is why I confronted Flattop about what the animation criteria was & its because ALOT OF US WERE CONFUSED! We got no solid explanation from an OG that should be able to explain to us what it is, especially if we come to ask! This category turned into more of an all styles battle then an animation one ??‍♂️ now by definition from another OG in the game that kindly shared some knowledge with me ?? I am well aware that I was not doing “animation” by definition ?? & my whole point was (when yaw see the top 16) others made it through that were also very clearly not doing the foundation of animation either! & some of the ppl who were doing more animation by definition DID NOT make top 16! Which means spots were taken away from the ppl holding more true to the style & that’s not ok! Yaw OG’s want the new generation to keep the style alive? Then plz start learning how to explain the style that inspired others to do it & don’t get butt hurt & try to embarrass the younger generation for trying to learn & for asking questions that you can not explain! I hate shit like that & I’ll always speak up & speak out towards it no matter how it makes me look, weather it’s through words or a battle! The truth will always be the truth weather you want to hear it out not! I’m just thankful more footage is out so that now you can see with your own two eyes why I was confused, frustrated, & confronted flattop ✊? . . . . . . . #dope #prelims #dance #clean #hair #studio #fikshun #blackandyellow

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As you can see to sum what he said up. Fik-shun’s reason for not really doing animation was because during the prelims, no one was really doing animation. He said that Flattop put people through top 16 that weren’t doing animation style over some of the people that were doing animation style. He said it got him confused and wanted to speak out about it. Especially when Fik-shun asked Flattop his reasoning, Fik-shun felt like Flattop was trying to shame him for asking.

The general response from the street dance internet was, “yeahhh my bad bro, if this caption was the first post, we would be fine. Sorry for jumping to conclusions .” Here is the HTS animation prelim so you can see it for yourself.

Honestly if Fikshun didn’t put that first post out like he did, we all wouldn’t be looking forward to today’s call out battle. Who do you think would win? Let me know in the comments below!

Update: The battled happened and people are talking like crazy.

Check out this video commentary of the battle by Rober Muraine

The clear winner?

I think it’s your preference is what ever dance style you like. But the overwhelming consensus is Fik-shun won.

That’s about all I know so far. Ok now ya’ll are caught up. This was the reason why I decided to draw a robot version of Fik-Shun and Jrock. I’m pretty excited about this battle. Both amazing dancers in totally different styles.

Fik-shun vs Jrock Sketch

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