Featured Dancer: Animated J

Featured Dancer will be a on going series that highlights amazing dancers (individuals) in the dance community. Its goal is to give back to the culture that has given us so much. Additionally we hope to can learn together as a scene! This time around, I am interviewing James Jimenez (Animated J). J went to school for psychology and wants to bring that into the culture.

Here is what we talked about:

What’s your story?What are your goals?
Who inspires you?What are qualities in a high level dancer do you think newer dancers can take note of, learn from?
What do you think the street world needs right now to evolve, improve? What do you like to tell the world?

J’s Crazy showcases!

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Animation preliminary at @highlightthestyle

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Final thoughts

See! Isn’t he crazy dope! J and I had an interesting conversation. But now I want to ask you a couple questions!

What do you think you can do to expand the scene?

Have you ever thought about taking your passions outside of dance and combining it with your dance?

Leave your answers in the comments below!

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