Digital Dance Arena Round 2


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Round 2

Video instructions

Round 2!!!!!!!!!! Underway!?45 seconds to 1 minute round?We are going to send you another track to your email later today!?Upload to either YouTube or Instagram. If you use Instagram, please use the hashtag #digitaldancearena and tag @koiroidesigns and @sirlimitless ?Deadline is 11:59pm est

Posted by Cuong Koi Tran on Friday, April 3, 2020
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Text instructions

Great job everyone! Congrats to everyone that has move to round 2! The rules for this one will be a little different.


  1. 45 seconds to 1 minute round
  2. We are going to assign you a song to dance to. You will get an email later on today about what song that is. Keep an eye on your email.
  3. Upload round to youtube or instagram
  4. if you are uploading to instagram tag the following people and use the hashtag #digitaldancearena @koiroidesigns @sirlimitless
  5. Deadline is 11:59 pm today! Use this time zone convertor if you don’t know when that is.


Mitchell Trott (Beatwave) vs Diavion Nicolas

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Round 2 of @koioutofwater ’s Digital Dance Arena (Online Dance Battle) • • ?: You know something? When you’re taken out of your environment and what you are comfortable with, it becomes really easy to start second guessing yourself and doubting yourself. I usually record my dance videos with a Lumix G7 camera, but this time i didn’t have the space in the house to do so because both of the rooms i can record in (that have enough length because my camera has a tight lens/kit lens) i used my cell phone and recorded this in the mud room. i recorded MULTIPLE takes and decided at the very end that…. A BATTLE IS A BATTLE. YOU DON’T GET REDO’S. WHAT YOU BRING IS WHAT YOU BRING. That being said. I went back to. my first take and uploaded it. And you know what? It would be awesome to be at a point dancing wise that I can FEEL like I’m not at my best…. But yet I STILL ADVANCE. That’s one of my biggest goals, honestly. But it doesn’t stop here. I danced for 1 hour today already, and battle or no battle, THE GRIND WONT STOP. I WILL be the best dancer in the world and consistently bring a style to the mix thats indifferent and a breath of fresh air. Thank you. and i know i’m a bit out of frame but imagine if i can still advance consistently and ultimately win despite my faults. that right there would be proof that it’s my DANCING that advances me. not my look, not my camera quality, but my clothes, etc.. gotta be careful, it’s real easy to be a personality in the dance world (where people love you so they show up to your shows but you can’t dance). i need to be both but mainly A DANCER. • • ignore these hashtags: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// #explorepage #hiphopbeats #dancetutorial #ctv3 #populardancetrends #trending #danceedits #jookin #memphisjookin #tiktok #reversebrothers #triller #mbv #hitdemfolks #trillervids #kangstawok #djcherepashka #dancetrends #dancepractice #music #hiphopdance #allstyles #snipeshome #krankdatchallenge #fusionconcept #justedebout #msftsrep #fnpdancechallenge #flexn #connectchallenge

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Kendo vs Young Buck (Harold Buck)

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Aasin’s rd 2 for the online battle

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