Digital dance arena – Round 1

Round 1

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Announcement!!!! For round 1!

Posted by Cuong Koi Tran on Wednesday, April 1, 2020
Form to the right of the video! Brackets below this video.

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Brackets are now released! We are officially underway! Below you will find the person you are battling against. Congrats to the two dancers Maverick and Kendo for making it to round 2 base on the judges decisions. So you two sit tight for a day. Everyone else, your opponent is below! If you don’t see your name, try scrolling up in down in the bracket window.


You will be getting the song you will be battling to by email. We will send you this later in the morning today. So keep an eye on your inbox!

How to submit your video

Use the form below. 45 seconds – 1 minute long.

Deadline is 11:59 pm est. Use this timezone convertor to know what time the deadline is in your timezone.


Low vs Aqua

Dyce vs Nebula

Heather vs Influence (NXG Dance Crew)


Beatwave vs Tick

Beat Wave

Diavion Nicolas vs Sam Seo

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Round 1 of  @koioutofwater ’s Digital Dance Arena (Online Dance Battle) • • ?: I made this video WAYYYY earlier today but i’ve been WAYYY too busy to edit/upload but, TODAYS BEEN A LONG DAY! Between moving to dancing for an hour to get my mojo back, dancing more with my hips/torso, etc. BUT now it’s 10:42pm and I feel great! I’m listening to My Bloody Valentine – Only Shallow. But basically, I’ve got 3 new videos coming your way guys! 1 showcase and 2 training videos working on hips and head, and circles. So let’s go! I’ve already found my style. So when I get my foundation, it’s over. It TAKES ALONG TIME TO FIND YOUR OWN UNIQUENESS AND YOUR OWN VOICE IN A CRAFT! And i’ve done that. Now i just gotta get the basics. Let’s go! And don’t wish me luck because I DONT EVER WANNA WIN A BATTLE BY LUCK! • • Let me know what you think of my round in the comments ♥️ also @kristinaleemoorer i saw your supportive comments ?? i never responded to a bunch of stuff because today’s been hella hectic but i promise i’ll get to them bud ?? • • ignore these rediculous hashtags: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// #explorepage #jadensmith #dancetutorial #ctv3 #populardancetrends #trending #danceedits #jookin #memphisjookin #reversebrothers #triller #tiktokdance #hitdemfolks #kangstawok #willowsmith #dancetrends #dancepractice #music #hiphopdance #allstyles #snipeshome #krankdatchallenge #fusionconcept #justedebout #msftsrep #willsmith #justedeboutcompetition #musicality

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Diavion Nicolas
Sam Seo

Tyler Robert Johnson vs Young Buck (Harold Buck)

Tyler Robert Johnson
Young Buck (Harold Buck)

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