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Welcome! Thank you for signing up! Prelims will begin right away to decide who will be in the top 16 Bracket! We have 30 competitors so we will not limit dancers immediately to a top 16. The prelim will determine which 2 competitors will make it into the second round bracket. The remaining 28 will battle it out in for the remaining 14 slots of the top 16 bracket! These will make up the first and second rounds of submissions. When we receive everyone’s video, we will add each video on this page so everyone can see. The entire battle takes place on this page so be sure to refer back to is as we progress through each round!

How to submit:

Upload your 45 second to 1 minute video to youtube or instagram using any song you like. Then submit your share link/url for your video using the form below.

Deadline is Midnight March 30th 2020 – 11:59 est

Judges decisions will be announce by 8pm est March 31st 2020

*The rounds of this battle will happen on a 2 day cycle. One day will be video submissions, the following day will be judge announcements.

How to find your share url on instagram:

How to share video on youtube:

Go to your video on youtube, on the bottom right of your video, look for the share bottom:

Prelim Entries

Mitchell Trott (Beatwave)

Dyce aka Caleb Goebel

Diavion Nicolas

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