Battle Tendencies To Work On With Guest Speaker Mariel Franklin aka Mercury/Merc #battletalkswithrina EP. 1

Hi homies! 2020 and the beginning of 2021 has been crazy for so many reasons. With COVID-19, the series of life-changing political events, and other disheartening news and stories unfolding among our eyes. I can only imagine what’s been going on in addition to your personal lives. With that said, I send all of my love, prayers, and positive thoughts to you and your loved ones. If you made it to 2021, it’s a blessing to truly be thankful for.

I know it’s been a while since my last blog post. 2020 has taught me that nothing lasts forever. And so during my absence, I’ve spent quality time with my friends and family while also giving time and attention to self-care. As I’ve had time to reflect, learn and seek new beginnings, I am feeling optimistic and ready to get back into the grind of things. Embracing the past and looking toward the future, I am thrilled to bring you some new content for the new year!

For this month’s post, I bring you #BattleTalksWithRina. Where we talk about everything and anything related to battle culture. No matter where you are from, what your style is, what your status is, and or whether you’re active or inactive in battle culture, you’re going to want to tune in. Enjoy!

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  • Intro: (0:00 – 1:35)
  • STRETCH: (1:36 – 1:58)
  • STOP cramping your labbing and training: (1:59 – 2:59)
  • You CAN’T successfully use concepts if you are NOT moving with purpose: (3:00 – 4:21)
  • You CAN move with purpose WITHOUT using concepts: (4:22 – 4:52)
  • If you have ZERO knowledge/experience in a style that your opponent has experience and greater knowledge in, DO NOT USE that style against them:(4:53 – 5:24)
  • Battle your opponent and your opponent ONLY: (5:25 – 5:45)
  • EMPTY your pockets: (5:46 – 6:00)
  • Spacial awareness CAN be utilized as a battle tactic: (6:01 – 6:35)
  • FOCUS on your breathing to strengthen your stamina: (6:36 – 6:58)
  • STOP looking down: (6:59 – 7:33)
  • DON’T dance with your back towards the judges: (7:34 – 8:14)
  • In a battle utilizing random props are DIFFERENT than utilizing tricks: (8:15 – 9:12)
  • CYPHER: (9:13 – 10:25)
  • Outro: (10:26 – 11:03)

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