Koi Roi Designs is a clothing line for dancers who enjoy street style dance. Each design is craft with history, technique, and feedback from the dance community in mind. Koi Roi Design aims to spread the style of street dance culture to continuing street traditions like why we dance, and how we dance. We believe there is an absolute need to pay respects to the pioneers that created the dances. Koi’s dream is to give dancers a way to represent themselves and their style of dance through unique and colorful designs, great for dancing in.

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King Koi's Story

As an immigrant from vietnam, he knew from an early age that he wanted to be an artist. But life was hard in vietnam, him and his mother were very poor and at one point homeless. Koi’s mom was actually a child born from the vietnam war. Her father was a black man servicing for the USA during the vietnam war. Because of that, she was able to travel to the USA with Koi when he was 5. 

Often times, his mother would put him in daycare while she worked, as they lived by themselves in a new world. That was where Koi saw his first ever cartoon. He was fascinated by how the pictures on screen moved. From that point, he knew he wanted to be an artist. 

25 years later, Koi Roi has been an active part of the street dance community for 6 years being one of the pillars of his scene. He’s the founder of Indianapolis’s only bi-monthy dance battle called MITH (Money in the hat). He’s also won a few battles from all styles jams and popping jams. Koi has always looked at his art as a student. Always willing to share information regarding popping and animation dance.

bi-monthly jam MITH Battle events

Koi put together a dance club called Ai Get funky that helped art students face their fears, and grow their confidence to street dance. The school that the students went through closed it doors, but till this day, those students still show up to support MITH and Koi’s efforts to grow the scene.

Art Institute Dance Club called AI get Funky, helping students gain confidence through dance.

His dream before finding street dance was to work as an animator for a company that made a difference. He’s achieve that dream working as a full time designer and animator for the head quarters of a huge education company in 2017. But because art was what he did to make a living, he’s lost passion in it recently. It wasn’t until he had the idea to draw the dragon design to turn it into a shirt was when he found passion for it again in 2019. Then when he designed the tut diagram shirt and saw a huge positive response from the facebook group, What’s Poppin, it was then that he knew Street dance Designs was what he needed to do.

King Koi is a:

A Father
A crewmate [ insert crew name here crew]
A husband (Koi's Wife Megan) Owner of sudsiemarie.com

How are the clothes made?

The clothes are made through a Print on demand service called printful.

Here is an affiliate link to their site. If you decide to start a brand of your own, use this button, it would help me out a ton! 

How are the Designs made?

It’s a process of elimination. Koi actually hand draws all of his designs on paper first before even touching the computer. Sometimes he will reach out to the street dance community, YOU to ask for your opinion if this design is accurate to the style. Here is a quick view on each step of the process. 

Cobra Sketch 1
Cobra Sketch
Cobra sketch base on community feedback
Final Product

As you can see, each product goes through a crazy planning process. Sometimes Koi takes weeks on a single design. Koi takes great pride in each and everyone of his designs or it doesn’t make it on the shop. Koi also throws online battles for the community on instagram as well as hires OGs to highlight and spread awareness of their contribution to streetdance.  Koi will continue to build the street dance community through love and the passion for dance. 

With that being said, please take a moment to check out all the designs in the shop! We appreciate all of your support!