Koi Roi Designs is a clothing brand created specifically for the unique needs of street style dancers. Every design undergoes a thoughtful process involving the combination of dance history, technique and feedback from the dance community. We aim to promote the street dance culture and carry forward its traditions, including why and how we dance while paying homage to the pioneers who created these art forms. Our vision is to provide dancers with a platform to showcase their individual style and personality through vibrant and exceptional designs that are perfect for the moods and movements of dance. Join us to embrace the energy of street dance by exploring our collection of exclusive street style clothing that is sure to help you step up your game. Don’t forget to tag us with #Iambattleready #streetstyledances #streetstyleclothing to stay connected with us.

King Koi's Story

Koi Roi, an accomplished artist and founder of Indianapolis’s bi-monthly dance battle called MITH, has been an active member of the street dance community for 10 years. From an early age, Koi knew he wanted to pursue his passion as an artist. As an immigrant from Vietnam, life wasn’t easy for Koi and his mother. Despite experiencing poverty and homelessness, Koi’s early exposure to cartoons in daycare captivated his interest in animation, sparking his dream to become an artist. Fast forward 25 years, Koi Roi has made a name for himself in the street dance community, winning battles and sharing information about popping and animation dance. Koi Roi approaches his craft as a student, always seeking to learn more and share his expertise with others in the community.

bi-monthly jam MITH Battle events

Koi established a dance club, Ai Get Funky, to assist art students in confronting their fears and developing their confidence in street dancing. Even though the school where the students were studying ceased operating, they still attend MITH events with Koi’s endeavors to advance the dance community.

Art Institute Dance Club called AI get Funky, helping students gain confidence through dance.

Prior to discovering street dance, Koi aspired to work as an animator for a media company. In 2017, he discovered this ambition by securing a position as a full-time designer and animator at a prominent education institution. As art became his source of income, he found himself losing passion for it. However, in 2019, he rediscovered his love for art through designing a dragon for a t-shirt. The design received an overwhelming positive response from the Facebook group, “What’s Poppin,” which led him to establish Street Dance Designs.

King Koi is a:

A Father
A crewmate [ insert crew name here crew]
A husband (Koi's Wife Megan) Owner of sudsiemarie.com

How are the clothes made?

The clothes are made through a Print on demand service called printful.

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How are the Designs made?

At Koi roi designs, the design process involves a systematic elimination process. All designs are initially hand-drawn on paper by our talented designer before being translated to digital format. We take pride in our commitment to authenticity and often seek guidance from the street dance community to ensure that our designs are a true reflection of the intended style. We have streamlined the process and are happy to provide insights into each step of our meticulous design journey.

Cobra Sketch 1
Cobra Sketch
Cobra sketch base on community feedback
Final Product

Our team works tirelessly to create unique designs that showcase our passion for street dance. Each product undergoes an extensive planning process, ensuring that we only offer the very best to our customers. We take great pride in the designs that we showcase on our shop, and each and every one of them has been carefully selected. In addition to our product selection, we also host online battles for the community on Instagram and hire OGs to highlight and promote their contributions to street dance. Our goal is to build a strong and supportive community through our love and passion for dance. We appreciate your support.