8 dance battles in the USA to attend

Keep in mind, this is not in any order in terms of quality. These battles will happen this year.

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Photo by Ilja Tulit on Unsplash

1 – Bashville


Bashville is one of the biggest dance battles that consistently have a huge turn out. In Nashville Tennessee, there’s always great food! March 28th is 3 weeks away!

2 – OG poppers Picnic, Poppin in the park, A Popper’s Playground 12.

In Cali, thrown by Midnight! Poppers around the world fly out for a chance to talk and dance with the pioneers of popping.

3 – Out of the Shadows


It’s been a while since the Chicago area had a popping battle. Thrown by the newly formed Shadow Puppetz Crew.

4 – Highlight the Style


5 – Red Bull Dance your style


6 – First friday

This is the battle that has the call out battle for Fik-shun vs Jrock!

7 – Own the floor


Monthly battles in fort wayne, Indiana.

8 – Get tha funk down


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