30 days of animation challenge

Last month, I decided I wanted to train everyday for 30 days in one style. This month, I am training electric boogaloo style, but last month I did 30 days of animation and here is what I found out.

  • You can get paid on instagram for doing reels
  • I got better at the techniques
  • animation is like juggling, you have to keep so many things in mind and your brain is multitasking all the time.
  • People will follow you on your challenge

After my 30 days, everyone that I talked to online, mention the hard work that I put into my craft. It feels good to get recognized for that, but in actuality, I am just doing what feels fun to me. That’s why I dance, because its fun. I am still wrestling with the fact that random people on the other side of the world know who I am without me ever setting foot on that side of the planet before. People compliment me on my skill and make me feel like I am a big shot, but I just see myself as a dad and a husband, living in the land of the corn. I am not anyone big. But maybe that kind of mindset is holding me back. Either way, I’ve been enjoying the journey. The destination wherever it might lead me isn’t important. Also, all the people that I am meeting on the way has been such a blessing.

Now I am going to talk in 3rd person for a second to set the scene. Koi looks at you with glee in his eyes. He smiles and winks as he nods his head softly. You can feel the confidence of whatever accomplishment he is about to share with you.

“So get this. Your boy gets an email from Meta, saying that a $103 paycheck is coming my way out of nowhere. At first I was like, this has to be a scam. Why would facebook send me $103 out of nowhere. But then I remember, at the beginning of my 30 days of animation challenge, instagram invited me to set up instagram bonus. It’s a program that they are doing to pay creators in the app money for post views by making reels. The more views you have, the more money you are paid. After that, I was sold and I told myself, I am going to make a reel every day for the next year! GIVE ME ALL THE MONEY META!” He says as his excitement increase to laughter.

You can learn more about bonus here: https://creators.instagram.com/earn-money/instagram-bonuses

Ok back to first person. I am half way through my 30 days of electric boogaloo challenge and have made another $107 on the app. And I am getting better at Electric Boogaloo which is great!

I told that to everyone I knew on facebook and before I know it, other people are doing their own 30 day dance challenge! It’s amazing to see how something that I decided to do for myself fruited actual monetary profit as well as inspiring others to do the same! I love dance!

I also dropped my newest design! The Dance battle design. I wanted to capture the spirit of the 80s breakin, beat street movie vibe. If you like what I am doing and want to support me, buying a shirt goes a long way of enabling me to do what I love. Dancing, drawing, and putting popping on to the next generation.

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